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We are here because of you

And the need for specialised lead generation & digital marketing
services for Brisbane based businesses.

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As a group of digital marketers we know what it takes to grow a business online. Browse our blog section where we share small insights into how to you can achieve your business goals.

Wordcamp Sunshine Coast 2016 – Integrating SEO + Content + Social Media Marketing

Wordcamp Sunshine Coast 2016 – Integrating SEO + Content + Social Media Marketing from Fe Mendoza


How To Create An Effective Telemarketing Script

Telemarketing can be a vital growth tool for your business if used properly. Every call is an opportunity to build a relationship. Use a good script today!



Who is point B?

Well, that’s us!

Putting the obvious aside, we are a Brisbane based team specialising in a broad range of marketing services. From telemarketing and lead generation to digital marketing, SEO and web design.

We are here because of you.

After noticing the frustration many businesses have with their lead generation efforts, we decided it was time to create a place where you feel safe and can rely on your marketing efforts.

We know and understand that all businesses are different and what works for you might not work for others. Having telemarketing as well as digital marketing services allows us to be flexible, agile and malleable.

If you are new to this world, or have had terrible experiences so far, please let us reassure you. We are not here to make it harder for you. Having you as part of our team and us as part of yours vital to us. This requires mutual understanding and clear communication.

Call us for a free 1 hour consultation for any of our services. There is no catch. We’ll give you honest feedback and advice, regardless if you choose to do business with us or not.