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Digital Marketing Workshops

It can take a lot of time and effort to develop and maintain a marketing campaign that both engages and resonates with your target audience can take. Putting the right plan together takes more than a little consideration. How can you differentiate yourself while at the same time communicate a clear message that resonates with your audience?

It is important to allow your clients and prospects to understand exactly what your business offers and stands for.

Applying tactics without a clear idea of what that message is might lead you down the wrong track. Having clarity on why is message important to your target audience, how you can reach them and what to measure, is vital.

Our strategic digital marketing workshops help you put in place a strategy that makes it clear to everyone in your business of what you are trying to achieve and why. Who you are targeting, where the biggest opportunities lie and how to use one cohesive voice across all platforms.

Strategy and tactics belong together. Success follows when everything and everyone are going the same direction. When what you are trying to achieve is clear, it becomes easier to follow one direction rather than get confused in all the perceived opportunities in the digital sphere.

We work with you to find that clarity and communicate it.

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Group Marketing Workshop

Our group digital marketing workshops are a great place to start your digital marketing efforts. Going from a rough idea on what you need to do with your marketing efforts to having a clear direction is what we specialise in.

If you already have a group you’d like to come with, or would like to join one, let us know. We’ll help you start your journey through digital marketing the right way!

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Point B Marketing’s strategy workshop helped me understand who my ideal clients were and how to best communicate with them.

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