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How to Use Marketing Personas to Create Content

Marketing personas allow you to step into the buyer journey as your ideal customer. Once you have created marketing personas, you can use them to revolutionise your content marketing strategy. In this post, you’ll learn how to use marketing personas to create personalised content for your ideal customers.

Using Marketing Personas for Content Topics

Let’s start with the toughest part of content marketing – coming up with great topics to create content about. If you have marketing personas, you can use them to inspire content your customers are sure to love. Start by considering how your business can help your marketing persona achieve their goals, solve their biggest challenges, or alleviate their most frustrating pain points.

Next, take the ideas that will help your marketing persona and cross reference them with your target keywords. Look for relevant keywords that will help your marketing persona find your content in search engines when looking for information.

Finally, think about what headline would make your marketing persona likely to click on your content in search engine results. What would make it stand out from other content that currently ranks on the first page for the target keywords? This will help you develop content topics to keep your content calendar flowing with ideas.

Using Marketing Personas to Define Content

Marketing personas can help your business define the types of content you need to create to attract and engage your ideal customers. For example, should you focus on text-based content in the form of short-form articles on your blog? Should you create videos and post them to YouTube on a weekly basis? Should you launch a financial advice podcast? How much content will it take to satisfy them versus how much content will it take to overwhelm them?

The answer to these questions lies in the mind of your marketing persona. Are they the type that likes brief yet insightful or in-depth and advanced blog content? Are they the type that would stop to watch a five-minute video? Would they subscribe to a podcast and actually listen?

If you know your marketing persona well, you should be able to figure out the types of content they would like to find on your website. You should also visit the blogs, YouTube channels, and podcasts (if applicable) your marketing persona subscribes to learn more about the type of content they create. This will help you define your own content strategy, from editorial guidelines for bloggers to interview templates for podcasts and video.

Using Marketing Personas to Convert

Each piece of content you create should have a specific conversion goal, such as getting a website visitor to become a newsletter subscriber, submit quote request, or view a sales page. Use your marketing persona to create conversion paths from your content. In the beginning, these paths may be simple, like an opt-in form at the end of a blog post for your newsletter.

As your digital marketing strategy expands, your conversion paths may expand as well. You may want to picture your marketing persona on more automated conversion paths, such as an opt-in form for an ebook, followed by an automated email follow-up series that educates your ideal customer and ultimately prepares them for your financial services or products.

Using Marketing Personas for Content Distribution

Where is your marketing persona discovering new content beyond search engines? That’s what you have to ask yourself to determine the best places to promote your content. This will help more of your ideal customers enter your sales funnel.

Start by asking yourself some simple questions about your marketing personas online activities? Do they click on links in their Facebook newsfeed? Do they get advice from popular social groups or forums?

If you know the top places your marketing persona visits online, you will know where you need to share your content. And how. If your marketing persona is immersed in their social media feed, but they only stop for videos, then you’ll know to create teaser videos to promote your content. If your marketing persona is active in particular Facebook and LinkedIn groups, you’ll want to get engaged in those groups so you can promote your content in them.

Find out how implementing marketing personas and personalised content into your digital marketing strategy can help you attract more of your ideal customers.