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What Are Marketing Personas

Do you know who your ideal customer is? Could you describe them as more than just a new home buyer, investor, or small business owner? Knowing the details of your ideal customer can help pave the way to a more successful digital marketing strategy. In this post, we’re going to define marketing personals and how they can help you refine your digital marketing.

What are Marketing Personas?

Personas, also referred to as marketing personas or buyer personas, are fictional characters that represent your ideal customers. So instead of using the details of one of your actual customers to create a marketing persona, you will use composite details from your entire customer base to create a generalised, ideal customer character.

Creating a Marketing Persona

The information you compile about your marketing persona should cover most of the following, based on the financial service or product your business has to offer.

Demographics – Age, gender, location, status, education, and household.
Work – Industry, company size, job title, job function, and main skills.
Goals – What does your ideal customer hope to achieve?
Pain Points – What holds your ideal customer back from achieving their goals?
Values – What does your ideal customer hold important?
Fear – What is your ideal customer afraid of?
Resources – Where does your ideal customer get their news or do their research?

After you have compiled the details of your marketing persona, you bring your persona to life using a stock photos that represents the character you have created to represent your ideal customer. Seeing the face(s) of your persona(s) will allow you to keep them in mind throughout your digital marketing strategy.

Your marketing personas can be both positive – your ideal customers – and negative – your worst customers. This would allow you to think of the things that define your best and worst customers and create a marketing strategy that attracts the best customers and deters the worst customers.

Using Marketing Personas

Once you have created marketing personas for your financial services and products, you can implement them into each area of your digital marketing strategy. You can then envision your marketing persona taking every step in the buyer journey that could lead them to your business.

Begin by picturing your marketing persona in a particular environment. Where will your persona be when they think about buying a house, making their first investment, or getting their first capital loan? What device will they be using? Will they be more or less receptive to ads? Will they want to consume text, podcasts, or video?

Have your marketing persona search for you on Google. What search terms will your marketing persona use to find out more about the problem they are having? What will they see on the search engine results page for those terms? What ads, organic search results, local search results, image results, video results, or latest news results will capture their attention?

Have your marketing persona click through to your website. Based on the searches your marketing persona performed, look at the corresponding landing pages on your website. Does the content on those pages keep your marketing persona’s attention? Does it give them confidence that your business can solve their problem via your content, services, or products? Does it give them reason to convert? Does it give them reason connect with your business for more information?

Have your marketing persona connect with you on social media. Is the branding from your website and social media accounts consistent? Is your messaging? Does your marketing persona feel welcome to contact you on any social media account for pre-sale questions or post-sale support? Does your marketing persona see signs that your business will respond publicly or privately, based on indicators on your social profiles and pages such as latest comments, responses to reviews, and private message availability.

Have your marketing persona read your emails. Do the headlines entice your marketing persona to open your emails? Do the content and links in the body of your emails entice your marketing persona to click through to your website?

Have your marketing persona convert on your website. Does each step in your sales funnel make it easy for your marketing persona to take the next step to becoming a customer such as submitting an application, quote request, or contact form? Are there any steps in your shopping cart that may distract your marketing persona?

As you complete these and additional exercises with your marketing persona, you will begin to learn more about what you need to accomplish with your digital marketing strategy. The type of website content you should create, the keywords you should target for search engine optimisation, the social networks you should engage upon, the emails you should send, and the ways you should optimise your website for conversions can all be influenced by utilising marketing personas.

Need help creating a marketing persona for your business? We can help.